Statutory Testing Asset Repair Scheme (STARS)

STARS is our specialist service designed to help Schools stay operational.  If any emergency event happens, we will do our utmost to get you up and running again in the shortest possible time.

A wide range of Health & Safety legislation applies to the management of property.  Schools have a duty to comply with this legislation.  If they do not they may leave the Head Teacher and school governors liable to prosecution.

By joining the STARS service you gain:

  • 24 hours a day/365 days a year fully responsive emergency repair service.
  • Expert advice and guidance to help manage your property and meet your legislation requirements.
  • All necessary statutory testing and inspections including risk assessments and safety tests.
  • Access to Construction West Midlands, Birmingham City Council’s delivery framework for capital and repair and maintenance works, made up of specialist and high quality partner contractors.

Contact: STARS MAILBOX to enquire about our STARS service.