Customer Information (Repair Helpdesk)

Guidance Notes on how to report a repair request to the help desk

You will need to provide the following information when contacting the Help Desk for all 'Emergency Orders':-

  • Name of the property (in full) where the works are to be carried out
  • Details of the fault
  • Location of the fault 
  • Site Contact details, including contact name, phone number and email address.
  • Site opening times / access issues

Your call will be assigned a priority by the Helpdesk.

The emergency code categories are:

Priority Category Details
A Attendance within 2 hours - used if a health and safety issue, security of the building is affected or business continuity of the building contractor to endeavour to complete the works if unable to will make safe.  
B Completion of work(s) within 5 hours.
C Completion of work(s) within 5 working days.
D Completion of work(s) within 20 working days. 
W Completion of work(s) within 2 working days. (Mechanical and Electrical only).
P Completion of planned work(s) only, within agreed timescale.


The following category of works will require you to provide additional information.

Building Works:  Drains, To

Building Works

Drains, Toilets or Sinks (Blockage):-


  1. What type of blockage is it? Is it rainwater or a sewage drain?  
  2. Location of the blockage, including floor level and area?


  1. Where is the blockage?  Is it the male, female, staff or disabled toilets? How many are affected?
  2. How many toilets are available to use?
  3. Location of the blockage, including floor level and area?


  1. Is the blockage only affecting your property or the surrounding area?
  2. Do you/they have access to more than one toilet or sink you/they can use, (this will ascertain the urgency if you/they only have to the one that has the blockage).


Door Closers:-

  1. What type of door closers is it, for example, is it a fire exit door (connected to a fire alarm)?
  2. What floor level is it on?
  3. Where is it located?

Door Entry Systems and Locks:-

  1. What type of system and/or lock is it?  For example, digital, electronic, electronic push pad, Yale lock, Chubb (a fat short key), Mortice lock (similar to your back door lock), Mortice Latch (no key, turn knob), or a security coded manual lock.
  2. What is the location of the door, is it an internal or a main entrance door?
  3. Is it a security risk to children and/or vulnerable people?  Can they wander off?
  4. Can unauthorised people have access to the property?

Door Repairs:-

  1. What type of door and/or frame is it?  Is it wooden, metal, PVC, electronic?
  2. Is it an internal or external door?
  3. Is the door manual or electric?

Maglocks - Electrical or Manual:-

  1. Is it to control access or to hold a fire door open?

Fencing Repairs:-

  1. What type of fence is it, i.e., chicken wire, wooden, metal railings?
  2. Is it to be repaired or replaced?
  3. Location of the damage, e.g., at the back by the shed?
  4. Is it a security risk to children and/or vulnerable people?  Can they wander off?
  5. Can unauthorised people have access the property?

Leaking Pipes:-

  1. What type of pipe is it, e.g. Hot, Cold, Waste?  (The information provided at this stage will determine which contractor should be sent to carry out the repair).
  2. What does the pipe feed, for example, a radiator, a tap or toilet cistern?
  3. If it is a waste pipe, what is it attached to, e.g., the sink, toilet or sluice?

Reglazing - Window and/or Door:-

  1. What type of door/frame it is, i.e., wooden, metal, UPVC?
  2. If the window/door is double glazed which part is broken, the internal or external pane?
  3. What type of glass is it, i.e., toughened, Georgian wired etc?
  4. What is the size of the pane that needs to be replaced or repaired (approx size)?
  5. Where is the damage located, including floor level and area?

Roof/Skylight Leaks:-

  1. What type of roof it is, e.g., flat asphalt, pitched tiled etc.,
  2. What is the height of the roof?
  3. Over which area is the leak?
  4. How many storeys is the building?
  5. If the problem is related to a skylight, what is the frame made of?
  6. What access is there to the roof?  Does the contractor require scaffolding, extending ladders?


  1. Where is the leak coming from (location)?  
  2. Is it constant or only when it rains - could the leak be roof related?
  3. Is the water clean or dirty? Could the leak be related to a drainage problem?
  4. Is it hot or cold water that is leaking?
  5. Will the contractor have access to the pipe-work where the problem is, for example, is the pipe-work concealed or underground?
  6. Is it inside or outside the site's boundary?  If it is outside the site's boundary, this repair should be reported to Amey on 0121 303 6644.

Mechanical &Electrical Repairs (M&E):-

Please provide the asset number for boilers in particular.

Hot Water Problems:-

  1. Is the water running cold?
  2. Is there no water coming out of the tap?  If there is no water coming out of the tap this could indicate a supply problem.  
  3. Is the problem just to that area or the whole of the property? 
  4. Is the water heated by a boiler or an immersion heater?
  5. Which area(s) of the building/property are affected?


  1. What type of heating is it, for example, electric radiators or water type system?
  2. Please state what the problem is, is it not working, low temperature or too hot?
  3. Are you a member of the Birmingham Energy Management System, is your heating controlled in Lancaster Circus'?


  1. If you smell gas inside the building/property - you should firstly, call National Grid or Transco and evacuate the building/property.
  2. If you smell gas internally or externally, call the Acivico Helpdesk and inform them of the location.
  3. If you have no gas supply to your building/property, please check the surrounding area to see if they have been affected, if they have not been please call the Acivico Helpdesk. 


  • Fire and Intruder alarms.  Please contact the Acivico Helpdesk if you have any issues regarding any type of Alarms.

Maglocks - Electrical or Manual:-

  1. Is it to control access or to hold a fire door open?


  1. Not working - If any of the lights are in a high location, please let us know at the start of the call.
  2. What type of light is it, e.g., external security, fluorescent, emergency lights, spotlights etc.
  3. How many requires repairing, please indicate each separately?
  4. Provide location of each light as indicated in (3) above?

Power loss:-

  1. What has been affected (lights and/or sockets)?
  2. Have you checked the trip switch?
  3. If it is the socket that has been affected, has anything been plugged in which could have caused the trip switch to trip?
  4. Which area(s) of the building has/have been affected?

If the problem is a total loss of power, (lights and sockets), and the whole building has been affected, please check if other buildings in the area have also been affected.  If they have been, then this will be a problem with the supply to the building. You will need to report this to your supplier, as we will not be able to help.

Please note:  If the wrong information is given at this stage and it results in the wrong contractor being sent out to site, an additional charge may be requested.