Computer Cleaning

Efficient computer cleaning at a competitive price

computer cleaningRegular cleaning can help to maintain your computers and peripherals in tip top condition and is vital for keeping your workplace hygienic.

Over time, dust and small pieces of debris, such as food and lint, will settle on computer components such as monitor, mouse and keyboard, creating a much less efficient working environment.

The space below the keyboard keys has been identified as a high risk area for cross contamination of germs and viruses, especially with the increase in employees ‘Hot Desking’ so we pay special attention to these areas with our anti-bacterial solution and specially designed brushes.

Keeping your systems clean takes us only a few hours a year and makes equipment more efficient and responsive, potentially reduces the amount of working hours lost every year due to illness, enhances the office environment and increases staff wellbeing.

We constantly review our cleaning processes to make sure we are consistently meeting our customers’ requirements.

For a very competitive quote for professional computer cleaning or for further information on any of our services please call us on 0121 303 0173.