Nelson Primary and Infant School

Tuesday, 1 May 2018 - 1:15pm
Project Type: 
School Extension and Refurbishment
Client Name: 
Nelson Primary and Infant School
Project Date: 
May 2018

Nelson Primary and Infant School offers 377 pupil placements to the community of Ladywood in Birmingham.

Acivico have held an excellent working relationship with the school for a number of years, having to date completed in excess of £600,000 of maintenance and improvement works to the school. Contracts have been awarded both by EdSi and more recently directly from the school.Minor works to date have included extensive re-roofing, replacement glazing and fencing.

Following the successful completion of these contracts, in 2017 Acivico were awarded the extension and reconfiguration of the school reception area. Works included improvements to the ashestics of the entrance area, consisting of the installation of an entrance canopy, removal of fencing and provision of a new access ramp and resurfacing works.

Any disruption to the school was mitigated by the programming of works outside of the school’s term times. The groundworks were completed in April 2017 and the main construction build and fit out completed throughout the summer break of 2017.

Further improvement works are currently further improvement works are currently on site, and a final phase is planned for the summer of 2018.