Bournville School & Sixth Form College

Thursday, 16 June 2016 - 12:30pm
Project Type: 
Landscaping and remodelling
Client Name: 
Bournville School & Sixth Form College
Project Date: 
September 2015

Bournville School & Sixth Form College – Remodelling of entrance to the Bronte Annexe.

Project: Remodelling of School Entrance

Work Proposal: An alternative access/entrance to the School Bronte Annexe building was created together with improvement of the foot traffic routes and the relocation of the School and visitors car park facility. The work content entailed external landscaping, installation of automatic sliding access doors, creation of new reception and modification of the related M&E services.

Timescale: Due to the likely disruption, the project was undertaken within a restricted timescale  of 6-weeks during the School shutdown term.

Project cost : £40K approx

Funding Source: School direct funded scheme

Project Delivery: In consultation with the School, the scheme was formulated and delivered by Acivico FM team utilising term contractor Solihull/GFM.

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