Customer Broadcast :: new building fabric contractor GO LIVE! 9th January 2017

Acivico Building Fabric Repairs and Maintenance update

NEW Building fabric contractor PODS 2 + 3 go live

9th January 2017

Following on from the successful introduction of the new supplier arrangements for POD 1 of your Acivico facilities management service in October, we are pleased to bring you information to support you with the POD 2 and 3 (General building and roofing projects) go live on 9th January 2017.

The new and improved service has been designed to offer a simplified, more cost efficient and assured service through greater direct engagement with works contractors. 8 local suppliers have been appointed to the framework and a leaner process has been introduced to offer better project management, fixed price quotations and better value for money!

For your reassurance Acivico will be closely and directly managing the performance of the supply partners to deliver projects on time and to budget. All contractors will be performance managed against a set of agreed KPI’s specifically designed to deliver value, high quality work and a customer focussed approach.

If you have any specific questions about these arrangements or to obtain a copy of the user guidance please contact POD managers;

Barry Hunt          0121 303 7179 :: 07766 925 262 ::
Tim Griffiths        0121 675 9491 :: 07775 024 782 :: 

I hope you find this improved service to your satisfaction – we would love to hear your views and feedback so we can continually improve. You can contact the Acivico Compliments, Comments and Complaints service on;

Leo McMulkin
Head of Acivico Total FM services