Whole Life Costing


Whole Life Costing is the systematic consideration of all relevant costs and revenues associated with the acquisition and ownership of an asset. This includes the costs of acquiring or building the asset, operating and maintaining it over its life right through to its disposal either by sale or redevelopment. Financial, operational and sustainability benefits can also be achieved using this approach to facility design, with organisations gaining the greatest value where the approach is adopted from the start of a project. Acivico also have an appreciation of the challenges highlighted within the Construction 2025 agenda and are looking at ways to ensure this target is achieved.

What Acivico Offer

From inception to completion Acivico provides its clients and developers with the best WLC advice, helping them achieve the best value for money by using a wide range of knowledge and experience in construction costs, facilities management costs, operation and maintenance costs and residual value, carbon, as well as potential income from feed-in tariffs, providing a truly all-inclusive whole-life costing service.