Structural Engineering

Acivico's Structural Engineers have a wealth of expertise in designing efficient complex structures, creatively working alongside Architects to ensure that the client's vision comes to life.  Our Structural Engineers cross-work with our in house services to ensure that the output of their designs are coordinated.
Our Structural Engineers have worked on educational buildings, housing, leisure and commercial properties and have gained a wealth of experience over the years. Being enthusiastic about what they do, they are able to give sound advice to clients and also act as the clients’ representatives to supervise and check other Structural Engineers’ designs. 
We understand the relevance and the importance of structures and are driven to offer an excellent service to our clients, to be part of a team in collaboratively designing buildings and structures within the built environment.
The services we deliver are:
•    Structural design of buildings.
•    Inspections of structures.
•    Load assessments of building structures.
•    Investigation of building failures.
•    Third party checking of structural engineering proposals.
•    Assessment of impact of telecommunication equipment on structures.
•    Specialist in the inspection and life span option appraisals of high rise buildings.
Acivico approach
We pride ourselves on being:
•    Technically competent
•    Commercially aware
•    Experienced enough to be innovative
•    Good communicators
Whatever your problem, we’ve seen it before
From subsidence in a house to concrete failure on a multi-storey building, we’ve seen it and solved it.  We have experience of a vast range of building problems.

We work closely with our in-house:
•    Materials testing laboratory
•    Site investigation staff
•    Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering design teams