Site Investigations & Surveys

Site Investigations & Surveys
Our team of specialists offer a range of services to the Public and Private Sector.
Site Investigation
The biggest unknown risk to a new development is often in the ground.  

Development constraints can exist which, if not investigated before work begins, can cause significant delays, increased costs, or even project failure.
A good site investigation enables you to:
  • Reduce uncertainty regarding development cost
  • Ensure the site is suitable for construction
  • Identify and remediate any contamination
  • Prepare a safe, practical and economic design for your building
  • Reduce construction timescales
What a site investigation involves
This can consist of different phases of investigation.
Phase 1 - Also known as a Desk Study, involves gathering existing records such as maps, aerial photographs, published documents, and collecting information from interviews and contacts.
Phases  2 & 3 - Known as the Intrusive Phases, involves visiting the site and undertaking tests, such as boreholes, trial pits, penetration tests and laboratory analysis.  Depending on the findings, a more detailed ground investigation may be needed, and possibly remediation work at the site.
Phase 4 - Continued collection and appraisal of information during the construction phase (including remediation).
Other Surveys
Our team procures and manages a wide range of surveys, either required by local authorities to meet their planning validation requirements, or to assist the design of a project:  We offer a cost effective, co-ordinated service which makes delivery fast and efficient.
Why use Acivico for Site investigation and Surveys?
  • Out team has 35+ years of experience in this field
  • We hold unique and non-readily available archive and historical information that have been complied through the service undertaking ground investigations over the last 65 years.
  • We provide a one-stop-shop for a range of site investigation and other surveys on both large and small schemes.
If you require further assistance regarding Site Investigations & Surveys please contact:
Bob Manders
Principal Site Investigation Engineer C.Sci, C.Chem, MRSC
M:   07980 672 897
T:   0121 303 6967