Risk Management


The management and quantification of risk is an important part in the success of any project and must be determined on the basis of the factors surrounding that specific project. To achieve good management of risk the project Design Team should incorporate more effective planning, raised awareness of risk to the team, mitigation and importantly the allocation of risk and ownership.

What Acivico Offer

Acivico are experts in delivering risk management by providing detailed cost and schedule integrated risk analysis to provide visibility to project contingency.  Working centrally using a Design Team we help the client to identify and manage the risks inherent in a project at the earliest possible stage by using effective mitigation strategies that can be prepared and implemented to control and proactively manage risk. These risks are then Identified and assessed for likelihood of occurrence and potential impact on cost and programme then categorised under a risk register post contract, where workshops are held to understand how risks change throughout the project lifecycle and can be further prevented.

Using monthly valuations and assessments our QS team can validate the forecast completion date and highlight and pinpoint the risks and activities with the greatest potential to cause the project to overrun. This information is used by the team to focus on the true critical path of the project, and develop mitigation strategies for the risks that pose the greatest threat to the project.