Compliments Complaints and Comments

Your feedback is important to us, at Acivico we always aim to provide high-quality services to our customers. From time to time our service falls below (and above) your expectations. When such occasions arise we would like to hear from you so we can either address a problem and learn lessons about improving our service or reinforce and recognise areas of good practice. 

We would also like to hear from you if you simply have an idea or suggestion as to how we can serve you better and increase our quality of customer care.

Our compliments, complaints and comments system is closely monitored by Governance & Scrutiny Team within Acivico and we adhere to strict service level agreement and response times which are outlined further down.

A Complaint 

‘’A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction by a customer about lack of action, or the standard of service.’’

If you have an issue or a problem, in the first instance please contact your account manager. If your issue remains unresolved please provide details of the complaint and the resolution you require to;   

Response timescales

In all cases your communication will be logged, dealt with and responded to, in accordance with our service level agreement. 

Acknowledgement        within  2 working days
Full response                within 15 working days

Compliments and comments

‘’A compliment is an expression of praise concerning a high level of service delivery and/or customer care received’’ 

‘’A comment is a proposal to help Acivico improve its service delivery and/or aspects of customer care’’

At Acivico we encourage feedback (good or bad) on all aspects of our service to help us to drive improvement. In cases where you have been happy with our service it is important for us to recognise positive behaviours within our workforce.

If you have a compliment or comment please email with details to;