National Exhibition Centre - Architectural Cladding

Tuesday, 14 August 2018 - 5:00pm
Project Type: 
Architectual Cladding
Client Name: 
National Exhibition Centre
Project Date: 
August 2018

The National Exhibition Centre has changed over the past fourty years from what once was a simple exhibition venue, to today's worldwide leading leisure and venue facility. In keeping with the evolution, a requirement for the creation of an innovative visual upgrade to the external façade of the exhibition halls became apparent.

Acivico was appointed in 2017 to support the client with the creation of a more engaging and dynamic environment for the venue visitors. We provided the National Exhibition Centre with an innovative solution for the upgrade and refresh of the external façade of exhibition halls 1, 2, 3, 3a, 4 and 5.

Collaborating closely with the client, Acivico developed the design and provided a number of options for the over-cladding of the existing structures. The outcome of which has formed a unique solution, both responding to the client’s objectives and budget to:

  • Encapsulate the existing cladding (comprised of asbestos containing material).
  • Improve the visual appearance of the Front of House faces of the building, including the railway station.
  • Make safe of the glazing.

To support the above, Acivico have also provided structural design services, inclusive of initial structural survey and assessment of existing structural information, wind analysis of existing buildings and load assessments and design checks.

The Result

Acivico have provided development of design options, recommended industry leading cladding materials, along with the creation of 3D visualisations and an animated flythrough of the proposed design. The new chosen design consists of 37 pyramid translucent and backlit structures, which are complimented by a series of vibrant colour panels designed by the global agency McCann.

The lightweight design has not affected the existing envelope and structure, providing a dramatic and colourful visual solution which has vastly improved the overall aesthetics of the building façade. The sheer magnitude of the cladding structures have provided a stunning visual impact, with some facades extending to 210 metres in length.

Adding Value

The use of 3D visualisation provided the client with a life like representation of the design, utilising both static and mobile images.

The design provided a visually stimulating solution suitable for both day and night and conformed to the use of the building as an events venue.

Close working relationships were built with the supply chain, material manufacturer and contractor to ensure the design was bought to fruition and the tight timescales for completion were adhered to.  

The use of pioneering building material and construction techniques is unparalled within the industry for the tight budget provided,. The overall design solution was further value engineered resulting in a substantial cost saving for the client, much to their delight.