Keele University Barnes Student Acccommodation

Friday, 13 April 2018 - 1:00pm
Project Type: 
Clerk of Works
Client Name: 
Keele University
Project Date: 
December 2017

Acivico have recently completed the clerk of works service on two new exciting student residential developments for a joint venture between Seddon Construction and Keele University.

With ever increasing student numbers at Keele University, the two new halls of residences have provided the next step for the regeneration of the campus.

The student accommodation features e-suite rooms with study zones and clustered bedrooms so that kitchen and lounge spaces are shared by 6 - 8 students. An ancillary laundry and dedicated halls management centre, located within the building reception area, are also provided.

The Barnes Hall of Residence includes large open plan social spaces comprising fully fitted kitchens, dining and lounge areas. Each lounge benefits from a double width / double height window offering excellent views of the campus. Providing 453 bedrooms, the development sustains Keele University’s continued growth and global market offering.

Throughout the construction of the new developments, our Clerk of Works co-ordinated closely with the building contractor and sub- contractors, to act impartially for all parties. Acivico have offered the following services:

• Building Clerk of Works
• Building Certifier

As the building certifier, we were responsible for monitoring the contractor’ proposals and drawings. This ensured the specification was  ahered to and the installation of equipment conformed accordingly to regulations.  Any anomalies were queried and rectified to suit the project requirements.