Wednesday, 6 January 2016 - 3:15pm
Project Type: 
Next generation innovative computer facility and office complex
Client Name: 
Innovation Birmingham, Aston Science Park, Birmingham




Acivico was invited by Thomas Vale to join them in a £40 million bid to turn Birmingham
Science Park, Aston, into a world leader through the introduction of a project called the
Digital Plaza. Collectively we fended off competition from 80 other companies to win this
prestigious bid and provide full-design on the scheme.

This high profile project will consist of 10,000m² of commercial floor space and is being
spearheaded by the first phase: £8 million iCentrum™ building.

iCentrum™ will provide the next generation of talented people in the hi tech and digital gaming sectors with opportunities to work alongside established companies in an innovative and exciting environment.

Construction is underway with a view to completion in March 2016.