Grand Central

Tuesday, 29 December 2015 - 10:15am
Project Type: 
Major Project
Client Name: 
Network Rail
Project Date: 
September 2015

On the 24th September 2015, 12 years on from the completion of BullRing saw the opening of the prestigious Grand Central Shopping Centre formally the Palisades and the new John Lewis Store in the very heart of Birmingham.

The culmination of six years of hard work by thousands of individuals saw their efforts rewarded with grand opening of the centre on time.

Amongst those individuals who contributing to the successful opening was  Acivico’ s Building Consultancy’s Building Control Officers  Roger Hassam and Terry Mann who were responsible for ensuring the building was safe for the tens of thousands of people who were about to embark on the new shopping  centre and Gateway into the City.

Roger explains, a critical aspect for us to deal with before the centre could open was the witnessing of life safety systems, such as the fire alarm, smoke control, emergency lighting provisions, etc., which could only be carried out of hours and meant working from 8.00PM in the evening till 3.00 AM the following morning.

The pressure was truly on when at 6.00 AM on the opening day when Roger needed a final walk around with the project managers MACE before confirming the building was ready and safe for opening.