The National Planning Policy Framework states that all developments that generate significant amounts of movement should be supported by a Transport Statement or Transport Assessment and submitted with a planning application for the development. It will then be used to determine whether the transport impact of the development is acceptable.

Acivico Site Investigation & Surveys have extensive experience working with specialist consultants, delivering reports for a wide variety of development types across a range of market sectors e.g. schools, residential, retail, employment, leisure, mixed use etc. These include:


Transport Assessments (TA)

This is a comprehensive study which sets out transport issues relating to a proposed development and identifies what measures will be taken to deal with the anticipated transport impacts of the scheme and to improve accessibility and safety for all modes of travel, particularly for alternatives to the car such as walking, cycling and public transport.

Transport Statements (TS) and Transport Notes (TN)

In some cases, the transport issues arising out of a development proposal may not require a full TA. In these instances, it has become common practice to produce a simplified form of a TA where smaller scale developments will not have a major impact on the transport network, but are still likely to have an impact at a local level on the immediate transport network.

A Transport Statement/Note will set out the transport issues relating to a proposed development site (existing conditions) and details of the development proposals (proposed development).

Travel Plans (TP)

It is a usual requirement that a TA or TS is accompanied by a Travel Plan that will be implemented as part of the development proposals upon occupation and sets out measures to encourage sustainable travel, developed through consultation with the relevant authorities. 

If your development proposal has been highlighted by the Local Planning Authority as requiring a Transport Survey and/or Travel Plan, Acivico Site Investigation & Surveys can help.

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