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Toxicology Analysis

Birmingham City Laboratories' Toxicology Section performs analyses for a wide range of drugs and intoxicants on body fluids and tissues as a service to coroners, pathologists, hospitals and individuals. Results can be presented in an interpretive report indicating the significance of the findings. Analyses are conducted by our team of qualified and highly experienced analytical chemists to turnarounds dependent on client requirements.  Our testing schedule includes the following parameters:

toxicology analysis

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis for drugs of abuse in blood and urine.
  • Determination of carbon monoxide in blood resulting from deliberate or accidental exposure to combustion products.
  • Blood solvent concentrations resulting from occupational exposure or abuse.
  • Ethyl alcohol in blood and urine. Analysis for the presence of alcohol is conducted on all post-mortem samples. The results can be particularly significant in victims involved in road traffic incidents, falls, drownings and drug overdoses.
  • Quantitative analysis for prescription drugs in blood and liver. BCL's testing schedule includes all commonly prescribed medicines. The presence of, absence of, or concentration of prescribed drugs, can give valuable evidence to coroner’s investigation as to the cause of death.
  • Road Traffic Act Samples: Drink/Drive legislation, made under the Act sets alcohol breath, blood and urine concentration limits for fitness to drive. The Toxicology Section offers an independent testing service and support for those facing prosecution under the Act.

UKAS testing logoBCL is a UKAS accredited independent test house for toxicology analysis.

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