Site Investigation

Site Investigation

The purpose of a Site Investigation
The biggest unknown risk to a new development is often in the ground. Development constraints can exist which, if not investigated before work begins, can cause significant delays, increased costs, or even project failure.

A site Investigation is carried out to establish the design parameters for new foundations and other substructures, by determining the engineering properties of the underlying soils and rock.  Also, a site suspected to have a contaminative history could cause potential harm to human health, a property or the wider environment, and in this scenario the purpose of the site investigation will aim to quantify, interpret and evaluate land contamination.

The scope for each site investigation is dependent on site-specific factors, such as the anticipated geology, historic land-use and the proposed scheme. Our experienced Site Investigation Engineers here at Acivico will consider all such factors and tailor our approach specifically for your project.   

Stages of the Site Investigation
Our investigations are carried out in a phased approach, assessing each stage to ensure the objectives of a site investigation are fully satisfied. Typically this will involve the collation of desk study information, appraisal of the site data, intrusive exploration with associated in-situ testing and monitoring, followed by an assessment of the ground conditions and provision of an interpretative report.


Phase 1 – Desk Study Report

This involves gathering existing records about your site such as maps, aerial photographs, published documents, and collecting information from interviews and contacts. 

For our investigations in Birmingham we hold unique and non-readily available archives and historical information that have been complied through the service undertaking ground investigations over the last 65 years:

  • We have complete records of Site Investigations dating back to the 1950s (as opposed to just some borehole logsheets that are available through the British Geological Society).
  • We have access to archive mapping and data that are unique and/or not commercially available anywhere else from one source.


Phase 2 & Phase 3 – Intrusive Ground Investigation

This involves visiting your site and undertaking intrusive investigation, such as using boreholes, and trial pits, supplemented by in-situ laboratory testing.

Depending on the findings, a more detailed ground investigation may be needed, and possibly remediation work at the site. Where necessary we will conduct a Remediation Options Appraisal in order to satisfy Planning requirements.



Phase 4 – Verification and Closure

Where remediation is required it is necessary to have a verification plan and often to undertake addition testing to ensure that this work is carried out to the the required standard.

This could include additional testing both during and after the construction phase of projects. We are able to offer this as a fully independent and impartial service

If you need a Site Investigation for your site, whether it’s to satisfy planning or to inform your designers, Acivico Site Investigation & Surveys can help.


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