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Sampling & Bulk Identification

Our UKAS and Type C Inspection Body accredited services include sampling of bulk materials for asbestos fibre identification and undertaking laboratory examination to identify asbestos fibres. There are three main types of asbestos – chrysotile, amosite and crocidolite; they are usually called white, brown and blue asbestos respectively. However, they cannot be identified simply by their colour. Blue and brown asbestos (the two most dangerous forms) have not been imported into the UK for nearly 20 years and their use was banned in 1985. White asbestos was banned (except for a small number of specialised uses) in 1999.

If you require Asbestos Sampling, our qualified surveyors and analysts will attend your premises and sample suspected ACM. Samples will then be examined in the laboratory and a full report provided. To receive a quotation for this service, please email us with your contact details and someone will contact you to discuss pricing and time frames.

Samples removed by the client can also be delivered to the laboratory for examination and bulk identification analysis. We offer a premium 24 hour service for urgent samples as well as our competitive 7 day standard service. If you are taking a sample yourself, please ensure you refer to the HSE guidelines for safe sampling of asbestos or engage a UKAS accredited laboratory like BCL.

asbestos sampling

Samples submitted to BCL must be approximately 5cm² for asbestos cement, 1cm² for insulating board, 9cm² for floor tiles including any adhesives, and 10cm² for texture coatings (please check what the textured coating is applied to).  This ensures the material will fit into our fume cupboards and is substantial enough to be analysed. The samples must also be delivered in two self-sealing polythene bags such as a sandwich or freezer bag for health and safety reasons. We are unable to test samples that are sent in paper bags, envelopes, carrier bags or similar. The outer sealed sample bag should be labelled clearly with a description of the material, site area or room the sample was taken from, and a reference number.

Work cannot go ahead until a Terms & Conditions of Business document is signed. If you are part of a business, we can invoice you for the work. If your business uses order numbers, please provide us with these details when we receive the sample. If you are a private individual, we require payment before analysis is carried out. This can be made by debit card over the phone, postal order (payable to “Acivico Ltd”) if you are sending the sample in the post, or cash if you are delivering the sample by hand directly to our laboratories based in Garretts Green, Birmingham.

If you would like to submit a Bulk ID sample for asbestos analysis, please email us with your contact details and someone will be in touch to provide details of our costs, answer any queries you may have and to send you our Terms and Condition of Business; these must be signed and returned to us prior to analysis of asbestos materials being carried out. 

You can either hand deliver your sample to our laboratories in Garretts Green, or post your sample to us. We recommend registered next day delivery and therefore not posting on a Friday as we are closed over the weekend and bank holidays. Posting in a jiffy bag or similar is advisable. Details of our address and how to find us can be found on our Contact BCL page and in the Downloads section on the left side panel.

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