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Building Surveys & Investigations

building surveyBCL’s building investigation team can provide you with expert advice in relation to the performance and quality of the materials used in buildings and structures. Our skilled team have an in-depth knowledge of construction related materials and components ensuring that the building surveys carried out are always of the highest standard. We provide surveys to reassure you that buildings are constructed as designed and are performing well; which is essential when a purchase or major investment is being considered.

We can offer you a professional surveying and inspection service to:

high rise

  • Investigate construction related faults and structural issues. We provide a consultancy service to assess issues which can affect: modern and historic buildings, civil engineering structures, system built high and low rise structures and domestic properties.
  • Diagnose building material failures, from steelwork to concrete, we can provide you with specialist advice and reports which identify the exact causes of failure or likely future performance, and provide recommendations for repair or remediation.
  • Assess the condition of reinforced concrete structures. Our team are specialists in the appraisal of reinforced concrete structures and buildings including; defect surveys, reinforcement corrosion assessment, carbonation, covermeter and half-cell potential surveys. Following the survey of a structure, we provide the recommendations on the most effective repair strategy in accordance with BS EN 1504.
  • Building Inspection. Our fully trained abseil team carry out high rise safety inspections and rope access surveys to safely examine and test all areas of a building or structure.

Contact an Expert:
Please contact John Walsh or Trevor Box for further information on our building investigations and surveys.

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