Building Material Chemical Analysis

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Building Material Chemical Analysis

The Chemistry Section of Birmingham City Laboratories provides analytical support to our Buildings Investigation Team as well as external clients in the examination of buildings failures, material specification and complaints.

Analyses are performed by experienced chemists at our purpose-built laboratory, using procedures allowing data to be compared to reference values. Services offered include the following:

steelwork condition

  • Sulphate analysis in the investigation of the failure of concrete floor slabs and masonry resulting from soils and fills containing shales, ash, slag and furnace clinker.
  • Chloride and cement content of hardened concrete.
  • Mix proportions of mortars, screeds and plasters.
  • High alumina cement identification in hardened concretes.
  • Lead in paint analysis determination of the lead concentration prior to the commencement of remedial works for risk assessment purposes.
  • Determination of total and hygroscopic moisture content in the investigation of problems relating to damp.
  • Analysis for soluble salts in bricks, renders and plasters.

Contact an Expert:
Please contact Philippa Wood or John Walsh for further information on our building material chemical analysis service.

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