Food Analysis Project

Friday, 18 December 2015 - 10:15am

Food Nutritional Testing and Labelling for a New Business

As a new food producer business, our client required our food testing and consultancy services to market a tomato sauce product for public sale. The client was due to advertise their sauce at a trade show and requested for the sample to be tested within 3 weeks. BCL’s experienced Food team were able to provide the client with their results within 10 days; an impressive timeframe for the level of analysis carried out. The client expressed their gratitude for the quick turnaround time and extremely reasonable price for analysis and consultation, whilst also ensuring us that they would be a returning customer in 2016 once they had expanded their product range and developed further food products which would require nutritional testing.

2014 saw non-compulsory changes to the "Food Information for Consumers Regulation", which will become mandatory from 2016. This means that 7 parameters are to be used for nutritional testing rather than the previous option of either 4 or 8. Although the client’s testing occurred within the non-compulsory period, our analysts ensured the results were fully compliant to the new legal standards. This provided the client with the ability to print product labels indicating accurate results from the analysis of moisture, fat, protein, ash, FAME and sodium to calculate calories, kilojoules and carbohydrate content. 

Without BCL’s food testing expertise, the client would not have been able to meet the legal requirements for accurately labelling the tomato sauce product. The results we provided ensured the client was printing accurate data on their product labels and guaranteed that the sauce was safe for consumption.

For further information on similar types of food testing related work, please contact Philippa Wood