Asbestos Surveying Project

Asbestos Surveys & Air Monitoring in Social Housing Tower Blocks

BCL's Asbestos team carried out targeted refurbishment surveys and air monitoring services to ensure contractors were working in a safe environment prior to the refurbishment of soil vent pipes (SVP).

BCL have well established clients within the local authority who regularly use our asbestos services for their social housing projects. Refurbishment work is constantly being carried out on these properties such as kitchens, bathrooms, roofs, electrical wiring; and in this particular case, the refurbishment of soil vent pipes. Prior to work being carried out by contractors, it is a legal requirement to have an asbestos refurbishment survey. Disturbance of asbestos fibres is extremely hazardous to health.

Tower block

The surveys carried out by our surveyors were unique for this SVP project because some of the asbestos containing items were extremely difficult to find. Originally, we were advised that asbestos materials were present in the service duct, however each time an inspection was carried out no asbestos could be found within the riser. Due to the expertise of our surveyors, the asbestos containing material was discovered within the large wooden access duct panels. 

The samples were analysed in our laboratory which confirmed the presence of low density asbestos material layered in between the wooden panel. With this information, the panels were notified as low density material for removal. In addition to the targeted refurbishment surveys and bulk identification analysis, BCL were also contracted by the client to carry out the necessary four stage reoccupation air monitoring for the removal of the panels.

Due to BCL’s responsive asbestos services, the client’s contractors were able to successfully carry out their refurbishment work with the guarantee that they were not working in a hazardous environment.

For further information on similar types of asbestos related work, please contact Simon Wills or Nicky Simcox